moving blog to new site

I have decided to move this blog over to blogspot. Here is the new link:

It seems to be a more user friendly way to go. Notice you can very easily sign up to get email notifications whenever I add a new post. Just enter you email address under my picture. It’s super easy to write comments in there as well. Thanks for following me on this journey.

Chemo and radiation day 1

 The fun starts today. I took my first batch of pills this morning and so far the only thing I’m noticing is that I’m drinking considerably more water than usual. Dehydration is a common side effect, so I’m slammin’ down H2O like a frat boy slams Budweiser at a kegger. The first radiation treatment is later this afternoon followed by the 2nd daily dose of chemo pills later tonight. Wish me luck! 

oh the irony

 I have a tumor in me. But I feel fucking great. I think that qualifies as irony don’tcha think? The “feeling great” part I attribute to switching over to an almost exclusively vegetarian diet, and not drinking alcohol or coffee. I have had acid reflux since I was a teenager, and I have been taking antacid pills for years. I don’t seem to need them anymore. I expected headaches coming off the coffee, as I have been drinking it daily since about the time the Mac Classic came out, but strangely I didn’t get 1 little itty bitty headache..could the juicing be helping with the caffeine withdrawal? perhaps. 

  I won’t start chemo and radiation for another week, so I’m aware  that once I start ingesting 3,300 milligrams of chemo pills (xeloda) along with radiation shots up the ass (literally)  5 days a week, things could change. Reading online testimonials about xeloda side effects makes me think that it’s all a game of chance..some have a horrible time of it, and some sail through like chemical superstars. Obviously I’m hoping to be in the latter category. 

gettin’ juiced

Week 2 is all about starting to fight this little monster!! I went in to the Rohnert Park, CA Cancer Center today for my preliminary radiation consultation. I’ll be back on Thursday to do a “simulated scan” that insures I lie in the same exact spot and target the radiation to the exact same area every time I go in. As soon as the radiation begins (most likely the first week of June), I will begin taking the chemotherapy pills in tandem. This will happen 5 days a week for 28 sessions.

 I’m doing a lot of reading and research about nutrition now, and I bought a heavy duty blender and lots of veggies and fruit to begin some serious juicing this week. It’s all about keeping the body in an “Alkaline” state, which, according to lots of smart healer guys and girls, is ideal for fighting disease. Kale, Celery, Tomatoes, spinach, avocados, and wheat grass (among many others) are going to become good friends of mine in the coming months. I’m weaning myself off alcohol, dairy, red meat, sugar, coffee, and anything else that will interfere with that alkaline state. I figure I have had more than my share (especially the alcohol) of all that. Time to get as healthy as possible! Those of you that know me well, know that I can be quite determined-I’m definitely the archetypal Taurus in that regard. This will be no exception.